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Privacy Policy


We obtain information about you when you visit the website www.opiumparis.com.


This is information that you provide us with full knowledge of the facts. For example, we need information when you make a purchase (this information may include your name, address, phone number, email address, if you are a man or woman or credit card information), request a catalog, request to receive information, when you register/register to become a member www.opiumparis.com or when you use a service from another website.


If you register as a member of www.opiumparis.com and explicitly consent to receive personalized information by email or SMS, we will use your personal information to create a user profile. Thus, we may combine the information you provide to us online with other information from other opiumparis.com sources, transactions and information collected or processed by an Oqium Group Company. This may include data from the EU's www.opiumparis.com website, any other www.opiumparis.com websites, Oqium outlets and stores, mail order, Internet and non-Internet related events, Internet and non-Internet related competitions or online marketing operations.


When you become a member www.opiumparis.com, the data you voluntarily provide to us on the EU's www.opiumparis.com Website and other Opium Sites is stored in Opium's central database in the United States. In addition, as on many other websites, when you surf or browse the EU's www.opiumparis.com website, we use cookies and web beacons to facilitate your browsing and collect information on all traffic in order to identify trends and compile statistics. For further information, please refer to the paragraph below entitled "Cookies and Internet tags". Finally, if you post public information about Opium Paris, or communicate directly with Opium Paris on a social network, we may collect and process continuous data in the information you post or make available on your public profile in order to respond to requests for services you may have and to monitor and influence public opinion about Opium. We will not combine this personal data with data contained in other Opium databases.




The personal information you voluntarily provide to us on our EU website www.opiumparis.com will be used for the purpose for which you have specifically provided it (for example, to process your order, to participate in a competition, to receive information, etc.). We may also use this personal information, and all i www.opiumparis.com of the EU, to prevent or detect any fraud or fraudulent use of our EU website www.opiumparis.com and to allow third parties to perform, in our name and on our behalf, certain technical, logistical or other tasks. In addition, we reserve the right to link the personal data you provide to us on our EU website www.opiumparis.com with other personal data about you that other Opium Group Companies may have obtained through other Opium Sites. We may also use any information about you that we have obtained from the EU website www.opiumparis.com to personalise your browsing of the Opium website and to enable us (or the Opium Group Companies) to provide the type of content and product offerings that interest you most or that interest our customers in general, or in communicating with our customers (e. g. via help chats). We may also disclose specific information to comply with a government decision, a court decision, the law or to protect and preserve our rights, property and safety as well as the rights, property and safety of others. We may share information in order to prevent any illegal use of the EU website www.opiumparis.com or any violation of the Terms of Use, or to defend ourselves in any action brought by a third party. We may also share information with companies that collaborate with us in fraud prevention and/or fraud-related investigations (e.g. counterfeiting). We do not provide information to these agencies or companies for commercial or advertising purposes.




The Opium Group Companies located in the United States comply with the Safe Harbor Framework principles established by the United States Department of Commerce, between the United States and the EU and between the United States and Switzerland, regarding the collection, use and retention of personal data by European Union Member States and Switzerland. Opium has declared that it adheres to the Sphere of Security principles relating to the protection of privacy (notification, choice, transfer to third parties, security, data integrity, access, application). To learn more about the Safety Sphere program and to view Opium Paris certification, please visit this website. Dispute Resolution: For disputes that cannot be resolved amicably between Opium Paris and the user concerned, Opium Paris will cooperate with the competent data protection authority in the European Union or Switzerland in order to resolve the dispute, if necessary. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or if you wish to file a complaint, please contact us at [email protected]




For the purposes of managing our business, third parties (for example, credit card companies, carriers or customer service providers) may process your personal data, but only to the extent necessary for the purposes of Opium Paris' business. We or, where applicable, our Opium Paris Group Companies, have implemented procedures to ensure that these third party companies respect the confidentiality of this data. We do not sell, exchange, communicate or transfer your personal data to any third party other than Opium Paris Group Companies and subcontractors. SOCIAL PLATFORMS. If you choose this option, be aware that everything you do on the EU's www.opiumparis.com website will also appear on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You should consult the privacy policies of these social platforms because all your activities on the EU website www.opiumparis.com that will be published on these social platforms will no longer be governed by Opium Paris' Privacy Policy.




When you use the Opium Sites, Opium receives and records data from your browser and may use various methods to collect this information, such as cookies and web beacons.




A cookie is generally a small text file sent by a website and saved on your browser when you visit a website. HTTP cookies may be stored for a period of time that is limited to the time you spend on a given site (i.e. session cookies) or may remain stored on your browser for a longer period of time than your current session (i.e. permanent cookies). Cookies work in combination with the content of the website itself to collect and store data. Cookies do not carry any viruses and cannot install malicious software. Cookies that are installed by the domain of the site you are visiting (the domain in the address bar) are called first-party cookies. First-party cookies are generally used to recognize you when you navigate from one page to another, or when you return to the site during other visits. These cookies can only be read by the domain that installed them. Cookies that are installed by domains other than the one in your address bar are called third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are used to track users from one site to another and allow, for example, to offer you advertisements that may be of interest to you. An Internet pixel is a virtually invisible graphic image whose size generally does not exceed 1 pixel x 1 pixel. It is placed on a website or in an email and is intended to analyze the behavior of a user who visits the website or sends the email in question. Websites may use Internet tags for many purposes, including analytical evaluation of site usage, advertising, auditing and reporting, and customization of content and advertising. Internet pixels are also called Internet tags, web beacons and web beacons.




We use web beacons and cookies to track - generally only - our customers' use of the EU website www.opiumparis.com and to determine their preferences (for example, the country and language they prefer). This information allows us to provide services to our customers or improve their experience on our site. We also use web beacons and cookies to provide them with aggregate data about site traffic and interaction, to establish trends and obtain statistics, etc., in order to provide better online experiences and to improve the tools we offer on the site. We may use the services of third parties to assist us in the collection of data. However, these persons will be authorized to use the information collected solely for the purpose of helping Opium Paris to carry out and optimize its business. Generally speaking, cookies on the EU's www.opiumparis.com website fall into three categories: Strictly necessary cookies - These cookies are always enabled and are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the site. This category includes cookies that allow the site to recognize you during the same session or, if you request, from one session to another. They will allow you to manage your shopping cart in good conditions and contribute to the smooth running of the order validation process. In addition, they help us to resolve safety issues and comply with applicable regulations. Functionality and performance cookies - These analytical cookies allow us to optimize the operation of the site by keeping data relating to your use of the site anonymously. They also help us to identify the Opium Paris products that we may recommend to you. In some cases, these cookies help us to improve the speed with which we can process your request, to remember the preferences you have chosen on the site and to connect you to the social networks to which you belong. Disabling these cookies could result in inappropriate recommendations and a slow site. You may also not be able to communicate properly with Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Cookies used for advertising purposes - These cookies collect data that will allow us to provide you with ads that are better suited to your preferences, both on the www.opiumparis.com websites and on other websites. The data collected are anonymous: they are not linked to any personal data concerning you that you may have communicated to Opium Paris. Disabling these cookies could result in the distribution of advertisements that are not appropriate.




You can set your computer to send you a warning each time a cookie is sent, or choose to disable all cookies. These operations can be performed by accessing your browser settings. As each browser is a little different, we invite you to consult the Help menu of your browser to find out how to modify your cookies appropriately. If you disable cookies, you will not have access to many features that make it easier to use this website and some of our services will not work properly. Cookies are used to store the items in your shopping cart during the ordering process, so you will not be able to place an order. In addition, we collaborate with other companies that use tracking technologies to deliver ads on the Internet on our behalf. These companies may collect non-personally identifiable information about your visits to our website and your interaction with our communications, such as advertising.




You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given to allow the use of your personal data. In addition, you have a right of access to your data, as well as a right to modify and delete your data, in the event that it, as we store it, is incorrect or illegal. To modify your subscriptions (by email or sms) or to choose not to receive/no longer receive messages and information from Opium Paris (opt-out procedure), you must change your preferences in the "Information" section of the EU's website www.opiumparis.com Please note that due to email and sms production schedules, you may continue to receive mailings or sms that are already in production. To delete all your Opium Paris electronic account information from our database, you must send us an email request to the following address: [email protected] Please note that if you wish to delete your account information from our database, we may retain certain information about your business transactions for the purpose of performing these transactions or for archiving purposes. This information will not contain any financial data.





We use a variety of security measures, including sophisticated encryption and authentication tools, to keep your personal data safe. Your personal information is stored on secure networks and is only accessible to a limited number of people who have specific access rights to these systems and who are required to keep this information confidential. When you place orders or access your personal information, a secure server is used. All credit card information you provide is transmitted via SSL security protocol and then encrypted in our databases to be accessible as described above. Regardless of these efforts, the security of data transmissions over the Internet cannot be fully guaranteed.




If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post the new policy on the EU website www.opiumparis.com We recommend that you regularly check that our privacy policy has not changed. The last update was made in October 2013.


QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS All questions you may have about privacy protection, as well as any observations and questions, are welcome. Feel free to send us any comments you may have on privacy protection.